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The chance of wishing to buy exotic wood can depend on the confidence our readers have in knowing the appearance, properties and useage of each wood. Therefore, we offering data sheets to provide a basic outline of each wood. Enjoy reading up on all these exotic woods. Some woods are known right down to species level and this will be included where possible. Sometimes wood commercially a grouping or bundle of species and is best know otherwise by their common name.

Webmaster's Note: This section is still in its infancy with a lot of work needed yet to produce so many wood data sheets. How fast this can happen will depend on how much and how soon I can dedicate time. You have either been invited to view the work done so far or have stumbled on a hidden link placed there for my convenience while working.

Table of Contents

Mahogany, Honduras - Swietenia macrophylla
Mahogany, Cuban - Swietenia mahagonie
Santos Mahogany - Myroxylon balsamum
Macawood - Platymiscum pinnatum
Mascarey - Hieronyma chocensis
Nanciton - Hieronyma alchomeoides
Kamphi Rosewood - Dalbergia cultrata
Payung Rosewood - Dalbergia cochinchincensis
Mun Ebony - Diospyros embryopteris
Amboyna Burl - Pterocarpus indicus
Afzelia Burl - Afzelia xylocarpa
Snakewood - Brosimum guianense
Kartang (Putumuju) - Centrolobium paraense
Blackheart - Acosimum praeclara
Marblewood - Zygia racemosa
Cacique Bloodwood - Brosimum rubescens
Guyana Rosewood - Swartzia benthamiana
Pernambuco - Guilandina echinata
Cocobolo - Dalbergia retusa
English Brown Oak - Quercus robur
Sycamore, English - Acer pseudolatanus
Sycamore, Eastern U.S. - Platanus occidentalis
African Mahogany - Khaya ivorensis, Khaya spp.
Big Leaf Maple - Acer macrophyllum
Bog Oak - Quercus Petraea
English Oak - Quercus robur, Quercus petraea
French Brown Oak - Quercus petraea
German Oak - Quercus petraea
White Oak - Quercus alba, Quercus (white group)
Scottish Oak - Quercus patraea
Spessart Oak - Quercus petraea
Redwood, California - Sequoia sempervirens
Walnut, Bastogne - (Calif. English Walnut X Claro Walnut)
Walnut, Black - Juglans nigra
Walnut, Claro - Juglans hindsii
Paorosa - Swartzia madagascariensis
Mkarati - Erythrophleum guineense
Muhuhu - Brachylaena huillensis
Panga Panga - Millettia stuhlmannii

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