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Matched Solid Cuban Mahogany Crotch

Important Announcements

We are pleased to announce two important developments:

Exporting to the United States - Maderas now has all papers in order to be able to ship into the United States.

New Distribution Points in the U.S. - We now have distribution centers for our wood in:
  • New York
  • Tennessee
  • Connecticut
Now many of our customers with small to medium size orders in the States do not have to arrange their own import licenses!
For customers who still wish to import or need to (eg. full containers), we can assist to provide the necessary phyto-sanitary documentation.

Woodworking Machinery

Are you in need of robust woodworking machines?

Marv Vandermeer has years of experience in providing industrial size woodworking machinery.
He would be glad to discuss your needs and supply quotations.

Cool addtions over this summer and fall

Current Stock Developments

Here is we have to look forward to in the near future. There are really neat stocks that have either arrived or soon will from their respective countries. Watch for them.
Container 1
Has arrived and will be out of the kiln quite soon. Mahogany from a plantation in the Pacific. 8/4 plus some 10/4.
Container 2
Has just arrived. Mascarey, Cocobolo, Flame Mahogany (highly figured), Ecuadorian "Rosewood" (not sure what exact species) and Teak shorts suitable for decking.
Container 3
Another container is ready for shipping from Haiti. It will be bringing both Cuban (S. mahagoni) and Haitian (S. macrophylla) Mahogany, Saman (Raintree/Monkey Pod) and Sour Orange.
Containers 4,5 and 6
A recent decision was made to bring in 3 additional containers of Mahogany from Haiti. This will give even a better idea of the breadth and nature of the wood that can be supplied from the Haiti plantation. Look for coming news on this.

Matched Mahogany

Jewels of the Forest!

View just how fantastic the grain patterns are in the matched Mahogany boards that came from Haiti.

A whole container of flitch cut Mahogany from Haiti has arrived. It is kiln dried and ready for sale FOB the Georgetown warehouse. Consecutive boards are a mirror image of the one next to it. Each flitch is equivalent to a whole Mahogany tree and is being priced individually. The degree of figure in the boards is impressive!

Reserve yours as soon as you can to ensure the best choice. Density of this wood is as high as Cuban Mahogany -- a real bonus. I thought that the boards would be wane edge but these have even more useable wood. They are edge trimmed. Check the outstanding figured grain, too!

Dated May 25, 2006

Exotic hardwood flooring

Maderas has the following stock specials especially suitable for flooring:

Massaranduba - one of the most durable woods for outside use.
  • 5/4 and 6/4, 8 feet long, 4 to 8 inches wide
  • Kiln Dried
  • Approx. 300 board feet in stock
COST - $4.25 per board foot (FOB Bolton, Ontario)

Santos Mahogany -
- 5 ft. to 13ft. lengths, some boards up to 15 ft., skip dressed.
Approximate quantities in stock:
  • 8/4 - 900 bd.ft.
  • 7/4 - 900 bd.ft.
  • 6/4 - 2325 bd.ft.
  • 5/4 - 875 bd.ft.
  • 4/4 - 250 bd.ft.
COST - $5.50 per board foot (FOB Bolton, Ontario)

Owner - Marvin Vandemeer

Web Addresses: Maderas http://www.maderas.ca/contactus.htm

Phoenix Equipment Brokers Ltd http://www.woodmachinery.ca/
Email: info@maderas.ca

Mailing Address:
59 Saffron Crescent Rd
Brampton, ON
L6S 6H8

Phone: 416-817-1509
Cell Phone: 416-817-1509
Office: 905-370-0170

Maderas concentrates on wood from Latin American Countries. This includes Central America, the Caribbean and South America. The company's main warehouse is in Georgetown, Ontario Canada. The main principle, Marve Vandermeer has a Big Leaf Mahogany (ie. "Honduras" mahogany - Swietenia macrophylla) plantation in Haiti. Wood has now been supplied from that plantation both in mill run boards and very recently in flitches of matched full trees. To our delight, we have found that, due to the growing conditions, the Mahogany has been found to have densities normally thought of for denser Cuban Mahogany.

Upcoming will be the harvesting of Sour Orange wood from upwards of 1,000 trees in Haiti. Harvesting just started in April of 2006 and will proceed over the next three years. The wood from citrus trees (including this species) is very fine grained, somewhat resembling a boxwood. Ample grades and quantities will soon be available. The company has had a successful history in importing wood from Cuba, also, including genuine Cuban Mahogany, Santa Maria, Caribbean Walnut and Caribbean Pine. From established relationships in other countries, such as Ecuador, Haiti and Nicaragua, Maderas has offered other woods such as Mascarey, Nanciton, Cocobolo, Massaranduba and Macawood.

Most of the business done by Maderas is wholesale or to the trades. The warehouse is therefore not in the style of a walk in store. Serious buyers who wish to view stock before purchasing can view current stocks by appointment with Mr. Vandermeer. Quantities to full containers through down to partial lifts are commonly handled. Plans have commenced for a to have full facilities for basic milling in the near future should clients have specific needs in dimensions or customization. For commercial size orders, we invite you to make enquiries should you wish any of the woods we carry to be offered as solid flooring. Arrangements can often be made.

Export out of Canada can be arranged for larger orders. Expect additional delays and some possible premiums because of newer government regulations and the phyto-sanitary and CITES papers required to obtain an export permit.

Further information and pictures are available in the:

Maderas Photo Gallery

Geniune (bigleaf)
Swietenia macrophylla

Cuban Mahogany>
		<div align= Cuban Mahogany
Swietenia mahagoni
		<div align= Bulletwood, Massaranduba
Manikara spp.
Santos Mahogany
Myroxylon balsamum

Platymiscum pinnatum

Nanciton (Nicaragua)
Hieronyma alchomeoides

Trade Name: Chocolate Tiger
(Mascarey - Ecuador)
Hieronyma chocensis

Tectona grandis - Teak Shorts


Wood Art Thai Lao

New stock arriving An entire container of exotic wood from Laos has arrived at the Wood Art Thai Lao warehouse. Tedley has described the new stock as:

"the finest and most beautiful wood
we have ever received!"

Some of the Mun Ebony boards are amazingly wide for a true ebony -- up to 17 inches. They have also just received their first shipment of spalted Tamarind wood.

Here is a quick listing of the woods and volumes that arrived.
Measurements are in Board Feet.
Mun ebony, rough and dressed 2,058
Payung Rosewood, dressed 240
Spalted Tamarind, dressed 96
Khamphi Rosewood, dressed 146
Black and White Ebony, dressed 67

The largest amount by far is Mun Ebony. You are invited to place your orders (and even advised) for these rare woods, especially if you wish to get the best variety to choose from. Stock has been moving quickly. Some woods are especially rare and hard to get. These figures show that some woods are stocked only in limited quantities and can disappear from stock quickly.

Photos of the stock from this container

Photos of the fabulous grain in the new Mun Ebony stock

Arrival: May 26, 2006

Owners: S. Manikhong brothers
Sales - ask for Tedley Manikhong

Web Address: http://www.woodartthailao.com/Woods.html

Email: smkhong@woodartthailao.com

Mailing Address:
Wood Art Thai Lao
4803 RioLinda Blvd.
Sacramento, CA
Phone: 916-614-9555
Cell Phone: 707-330-0306
Fax: 916-202-0728

Wood Art Thai Lao started importing wood originally not at first for sale in itself but for their need of exquisite, exotic wood from which to do their crafting and carving. As accomplished craftsmen, they have held high standards for the media (the wood) that has been their starting materials. Those high standards show in the excellent grades of genuine rosewoods, ebonies and world class burls they import.

It takes special knowledge, efforts and working relationships to bring in wood of such calibre from many countries of the world. The principals at Wood Art Thai Lao are themselves Laotion. They understand the language and customs of their country and how to deal with their local government who control the sale and movement of wood out of Laos. In purchasing wood from them, you benefit by essentially hiring their unique expertise in even being able to bring such exquisite wood out of the forests of Laos. The attitude of controlling authorities can shift with the wind with sometimes allowing wood to be exported --- and sometimes ---- not!

Consider these Laotian born importers to be as direct a source as you are likely to find for truly some of the most exotic woods that you can find. There is no risk of having to import from difficult and unreliable sources. They take care of that for you with regular new stock being brought in to their warehouse in California.

Khamphi Rosewood
(Dalbertia cultrata)

Payung Rosewood
Dalbertia cochinchincensis

Mun Ebony
Diospyros mun

Black and White Ebony
Diospyros embryopteris

Amboyna Burl
Pterocarpus indicus

Afzelia Burl
Afzelia xylocarpa

Just look at the size of the true Ebonies, Rosewoods Lumber and
exotic Burl blocks that Wood Art Thai Lao stocks!

Mun Ebony Lumber

Payung Rosewood Lumber

Afzelia Burl Blocks


Exotic Woods & Crafts (Guyana) - Dr. David Persram


Owner: Dr. David Persram

Web Address: http://www.exoticwoodsandcrafts.com/

Email: kpersram@guyana.net.gy

Mailing Address:
Exotic Wood & Crafts
24 Belvoir Court
Bel Air, Georgetown
Guyana, South America

Phone: 011-592-261-1767
Fax: 011-592-50646

Species - Wood samples - over 400 different woods
Commercial - Snakewood, at least 24 other Guyana species.

Display boards with 30 Guyana woods now available

Dr. Persram has been an accomplished forester right in his own nation of Guyana for many years. He has established relationships with the native aboriginals in Guyana who scour the tropical forests for wood and bring it to him. Some woods, such as Snakewood, can lay on the forest floor for many years without rotting, so this is an excellent way of gathering such woods without harming live trees.

Dr. Persram does not sell wood in what is considered commercial quantities, such as full lifts and containers. Many of his shipments are at a weight limit of regular mail packages allowed by the mail in Guyana. The remarkable diversity of species, though, compensate much. He is well known by top musical instrument makers around the world, especially bow makers for stringed instruments. David has even done research in to alternate woods that can be used from the traditional ones (such as Pernambuco and Snakewood), many of these woods from those that he can supply.

Althought the quantity of wood that can be shipped per package is somewhat limited (a bit over 60 pounds) it is still large enough to send via mail small boards large enough to do some serious crafting. Often the most exotic and precious woods are used in smaller amounts traditionally anyway. For those resellers that would like to expand their offerings to beautiful Guyanese woods, this is a good way to establish a pilot market via the boards and other products (such as pen, knife and turning blanks) he can supply.

David has done another most remarkable thing. Over the years, he has done a lot of field gathering of woods of Guyana. At peak he has offered as many as 550 different species! His stock is now down to about 350, still a huge number of actual wood samples available from a third world country. These wood samples are available in a number of different sizes that he offers -- including the International Wood Collectors Society standard size of 1/2 inch x 3 inches x 6 inches.

A Gallery of Woods from Guyana

This photo gallery has pictures of over 270 woods from Guyana. They were from scans of samples of these woods (in IWCS standard sizes) obtained from Dr. Persram. Many of them can still be ordered. Some can be ordered in craftable quantities.

Brosimum guianense

Kartang (Putumuju)

Kartang (Putumuju)




Zygia racemosa


Cacique Bloodwood
Brosimum rubescens

Guyana Rosewood
Swartzia benthamiana


  • European, pippy
  • crotch
    Maple, Ambrosia
    Maple, Big Leaf
  • figured
    Oak, Bog
  • quartered veneer
  • rift cut veneer
    Oak, English
  • plain
  • burl
  • estate, large
    Oak, English Brown
  • plain
  • pippy
    Oak, French brown, big
    Oak, German
  • old growth
  • old growth flooring
  • tight grained
  • tight grained, rift cut
    Oak, White
  • Old growth quartered
    Oak, Scottish
  • Old growth
    Oak, Spessart
  • fumed
    Oak, White
  • old, quartered
  • Old, curly
    Sycamore, English
  • curly
  • quartered & burly
    Walnut, Bastogne
  • crotch
  • figured
  • huge crotch
  • matched, figured
    Walnut, Black
  • Pennsylvanian curly
    Walnut, Circassian
  • crotch
  • burl
    Walnut, Claro
  • crotch
  • huge
    Walnut, English
  • curly


    Owner - Sam Talarico

    Web address: http://www.talaricohardwoods.com/index.html

    Email: twoods@postoffice.ptd.net

    Talarico Hardwoods
    22 Hardwood Lane
    Mohnton, PA 19540
    Phone: 610-775-0400
    Fax: 610-775-1456

    Species - Our selection includes quartered Cherry, White Oak, Ash, Sycamore, English Brown Oak, French Oak, and curly English Sycamore. See the side bar and photo gallery for a more thorough idea.

    Talarico Hardwoods offers some of the most exquisite and huge pieces of wood from the U.S. and European forests that you will every come across. Purchasers of wood from Talarico have used their wood in the most exquisite board rooms, the finest furniture for the carriage trade, the largest figured tables, top of the line architechtural fixtures and everywhere where exceptional size and beauty is desired.

    Sam Talarico, the owner, makes regular trips to Europe to bring back the largest and finest of highly figured trees and logs, many of which are normally reserved for high grade, high grade veneers. These logs are rarely of mill run grade. They represent some of the most exquisite wood that the forests give up. When such logs arrive finally in their yard in Pennsylvania, cutting each open is as exciting a job as cutting native diamonds. No one knows what fantastic colours and grain patterns will show in each log. Few places, also, can offer boards as absolutely huge as some are. At time of writing, Sam and his crew have been putting the finish touches and adjustments to a new bandsaw mill that will be able to cut up to an incredible 8 feet diameter!

    Prices may seem a bit higher than you may be used to according to mill run wood --- but then woods with such remarkable appearances and size are rare. Many of the logs have had to have hundreds and even over a thousand years to grow. Many trees that old are full of defects that lower the useable yield of wood whereas the trees from Talarico are of exceptional grade for their size.

    English Brown Oak Burl

    English Brown Oak Burl

    Curlys English Sycamore

    Curly Sycamore

    Large French Brown Oak

    French Oak

    Crotch Figured Claro Walnut

    Crotch Figured Claro Walnut

    For a more thorough view typical of some of the fantastic pieces that Talarico Hardwoods offers, browse around our:
    Talarico Gallery



    A hearty welcome to Tri Exotic Woods as they join our group to use
    Exotic Wood Source Marketing services!

    Tri Exotic Woods

    Sales - ask for Fred

    Web Address: http://www.triexoticwoods.com/


    Mailing Address:
    Tri Exotic Woods
    2612 Granby Street
    Norfolk, Verginia 23517
    Phone: 757-624-1333
    Toll Free Phone: 866-331-WOOD (866-331-9663)

    Tri Exotic Woods imports four high class woods from Tanzania. They are all heavy, hard and attractive. Amongst the varied applications they are used for, all make superior flooring and interiors.

    Pau rosa
    is attractive enough that it can be used as a Rosewood substitute. It has rich grain and colors.
    is hard, heavy and tends to have a more plain grain.
    is one of the hardest and most durable woods available for heavy duty flooring. It also has a strong, pleasant spicy odor.
    Panga Panga
    is botanically closely related to Wenge. Wenge, with its dark colour and wild, contrasty grain markings has gained much popularity in recent years --- and the market cost has risen tremendously. Panga Panga has similar grain but is slightly lighter in color. The sample photo on the right was chosen from a piece that has sworls in the grain much like some rosewoods and Cordia woods (eg. Bocote, Ziricote).

    (click for larger picture.
    Close window after)

    Pau Rosa

    Pau Rosa
    Swartzia madagascariensis

    Erythrophleum guineense

    Brachylaena huillensis

    (The botanical name used to be
    Brachylaena hutchinsii)

    Panga Panga

    Panga Panga
    Millettia stuhlmannii


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