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Exotic Wood Source offers its services as a sales agent to a number of exotic wood suppliers. We do not buy or stock wood directly. The firms we have chosen to associate with are direct source suppliers of some of the finest and rarest woods that you can find. We target to represent rare and beautiful woods, such as Snakewood, true rosewoods, ebonies, burls, and other woods that are either exceptionally large for their species and or highly figured.

There are valid reasons for calling a wood an exotic wood. Some are just plain rare and hard to find. Others require an immense effort to extract and export them. These beautiful woods can exist on steep mountain sides, in hard to access steamy jungles, hot desert areas, places infested with all kinds of bugs, wild animals, pests and places only accessable certain times of the year. Frequently, the diversity of woods in any one area is so high that you would have to travel over many square miles to even find enough trees of a particular type of wood of interest. Just finding the wood and getting it to a port ready for export can be a major challenge.

Some people, especially those with larger operations, may think they can buy directly right from the location where a species grows. In some cases, they just might be successful. Think again, though, of what could be involved. The number of different languages involved ultimately around the world is large. Although English tends to be the accepted language of Business, it is by no means used everywhere ---- especially internal to many individual third world countries. In some places, if you do not know the language --- you will get nowhere.

Those of us who live in truly democratic countries are fortunate. Many countries are governed by dictators and other harsh and undependable governments that do what they want when they want --- or not. Often, they will also hold timber and lumber rights. Their moral attitudes, in some cases, make doing business with them difficult and unpredictable at best. It is not uncommon for some government officials to expect money to be passed "under the table" before they will do any business. Just plain being in some countries can put your life at stake! When you add up not being familiar with the culture, government, language, the harshness of nature, the sparcity of trees that supply rare woods, it is a major challenge, indeed to be involved at first level to seek out and successfully buy and ship rare and beautiful exotic woods.

Our approach helps to bring the best of both worlds. The companies we represent are all as close to source as you can get. Each has the experience and contacts to overcome all the above difficulties of getting the wood out into common and trustworthy commercial environments. This provides the best prices you can expect while unloading a lot of technical and human pitfalls in which you could otherwise be entangled. Here are some examples:

  • Dr. Persram was born and lives right in Guyana. David is a veteran forester. He has working relationships with many of the local aboriginal natives who search the hot bug and animal infested jungles for him. There are no middle layers buying from him.
  • Marvin Vandermeer has a genuine Mahogany Plantation in Haiti where wood is being cut and shipped directly to him --- ie. no middlemen. He has numerous contacts and establihsed relationships in various Latin American countries.
  • The brothers who operate Wood Art Thai Lao are themselves Laotian. They know the native languages, cultures and even have special insight and relationships established with government officials who control sale of any timber in the country. Indeed, I am told that sometimes the government will sell while other times --- they will not! Once again, they take out the risk and difficulties of getting the wood --- and with no middlemen involved when you purchase from them.
  • Sam Talarico has been cutting the finest Eastern U.S. and European woods for decades. He makes regular buying trips to europe. His standards are high, buying the largest and most figured trees and logs he can find. His prices are not the lowest you will find, but then his wood is top of the line. Often, the finest and most figured logs are reserved to be cut into veneer, yet Sam spares no effort or expense in obtaining the best wood you can find to pass on to his discriminating customers. Sam has decades of experience in handling and offering these woods.

Joining Our Group of Represented Wood Firms

There are a lot of exotic wood firms out there. Some, though, stand out from the crowd by way of the rarity and beauty of the woods they offer, tropical countries that are rarely known for being common sources for exotic woods, species that are less frequently offered but still truly exotic. We strive to promote the rare, the beautiful, the otherwise hard to find, highly desireable woods. If you are primary suppliers of any of these woods, an invitation is extended to you to be in touch to discuss the opportunity to gain an additional sales channel at minimal cost. Be in touch!

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