Guyana Wood Display

A display of 30 Woods Native to Guyana on a Framed Board

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Copies of this nicely crafted collection of small samples of woods of guyana are available directly from Dr. Persram in Guyana.

Cost: $40 U.S. plus shipping and handling

This is a very reasonable cost considering the number of wood species displayed (real wood, not pictures!) and the labor that goes into making these boards. As you can see, they are made in a manner that you can conveniently hang them on a wall for display. There are numerous ways to use such a display of woods:
  • Become familiar yourself with the major woods of Guyana first hand
  • Use them as a teaching tool in a class
  • If you have a wood outlet, display them on a wall to generate interest. If you intend to sell some of these woods, you could add your label to the top and/or remove the present one.
Order either directly from Dr. Persram or through us at Exotic Wood You order would be passed on.

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